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The Quaich was for centuries, a common domestic utensil which originated in the West Highlands of Scotland. It was the dish from which the Scot supped his porridge and drank his ale.

Quaich is derived from the Gaelic 'cuach' which, in turn, derives from low Latin 'caucus' - a drinking cup. These drinking cups were very widely used in Covenanting times and are mentioned in the Jacobite songs.

The Quaich became the traditional toasting cup of welcome in Scotland or even good wishes upon farewell or parting. Surviving the centuries and mystique of history it is truly SCOTLAND'S CUP OF FRIENDSHIP. 

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The Kings Shilling

In the eighteenth century sailors were forced to join the Royal Navy by press gangs who would put a shilling coin the the mans tankard of beer. If the man drank it he had accepted the "Kings Shilling". To avoid this, pewter tankards with glass bases were made so that any coin inside could be seen.

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